Orchestre du Centre Philharmonique
Ancienne Forge, 47260 Verteuil d'Agenais
ocp.verteuil@wanadoo.fr   05 53 88 27 83
We really wanted to play for you this summer, but as we would have been obliged to have a strong sanitising routine, social distancing between the musicians and among the public, and wear masks, etc. this would have been very difficult to organise for our small team of volunteers.
In addition, we need at least six weeks notice to engage musicians and soloists, order the musical scores, arrange the venues, and print and distribute publicity. We can’t imagine also that it would make for an agreeable evening for the public to wear masks for several hours!
Our finances would not support the costs without our normal receipts, so we prefer to retain our energy and resources for later. Hoping that wearing masks will not be obligatory for the rest of our lives, we are planning to organise concerts in September and October.
Already scheduled is the concert below.
Concert for the 250th anniversary of the birth of
Beethoven - 30 ans

1st Symphony
The date of Saturday 25 September at 16:30 is already confirmed at the auditorium François Mitterrand, 23 boulevard Henri Sicard, Bergerac.
It is held under the auspices of Association du Quartier Est de Bergerac et Association Protection et Avenir du Patrimoine et de l’Environnement en Dordogne.  
Contact : Georges Barberolle 06 82 42 05 41, 05 53 61 86 83
or ngbarberolle@wanadoo.fr
We hope to also perform at Verteuil, Castillonnès, Prayssac, and Eysses/ Villeneuve sur Lot during the same week.
For obvious reasons, we were forced to postpone the performances of Mozart’s Requiem we planned in May.
We hope to reschedule this wonderful work between 28 October and 1 November.
Orchestre du Centre Philharmonique. Licence de spectacle : 2-1059171, 3-1059172